In life there are two main emotional energy systems we operate from.

Love or Fear.

Fear brings us hatred,  envy, guilt, jealousy, regrets, embarrassment and other dark emotional energies. These emotions cause us to be depressed, angry, not able to cope, exhaustion and sickness.

Love brings – lightness, bouyancy, happiness, wellness and joy.  you feel great, you feel like you can do anything. The world is yours.  All uplifiting emotions.

When you make a choice, it is accompanied by an intention.  That intention will have an effect and your choice will be either irresponsible or responsible based on your thought process.

A responsible choice is one that takes into account the consequences of the choice.  What will the effects of your choice be? Look down the path of your life to see what your choice is capable of doing and decide if it is something that will benefit yoru life in a positive way.

If you choose from the emotional energy system of love.  You will gain power within yourself and learn to move past the issues that hold you back from being the best you can be.  If you choose to live in the world of positive emotions – you will get back positive emotions and will be around others who are like minded.

To choose from the fear or personality side will cause you to be self centered in your thoughts and will make your choice an irresponsible one.  It will not be in the best interest of  you and the ones around you in the long run.  If you choose to live in the negative energy emotions, you will surround yourself with others who see the world like you the feedback will always be negative.  It will be very hard to move past the issues that keep you from advancing in life.  You will expect the worse of every situation nd that is what you will get.

Choice is the evolution of our species. “Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav”.  The choices we make as individuals and collectively as humans move us to a higher understanding of our conciousness and our relationship to the creator/ source.

Only you are responsible for the choices you make.  Make good choices!

And remember, you always have a choice.  If only in the attitude you choose.

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