Financial Literacy for Kids | Financial Literacy + Core Values = True WealthTeaching kids the basics of personal finance with core values to achieve True Wealth.
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Most people would agree that we have been witness to a financial literacy crisis in the United States. Many believe the solution is simply more economic education, more talk of budgets, debt, credit, etc.

We believe there is a more fundamental problem.  All this financial education is teaching kids about riding bikes without ever having kids touch actual bikes.

Moreover, we believe we have to Rethink Money.  First and foremost, the ultimate goal in life is not the accumulation of money (“wealth”) but really, the ultimate goal in life is attaining “TrueWealth.”

TrueWealth is happiness.  It is having peace of mind.  It is living a healthy, fear free and guilt free life.  Truth be told, it is more about attitude than money.  It is more about choices and fundamental understanding of certain core values & concepts we discuss in our character driven financial education and decision making school program: TrueWealth-KIDS

 The KIDS part represents how we might think of our money…in terms of four parts.  Every dollar we possess should be thought of as having a part that we Keep, a part that we Invest, a part that we Donate and finally, a part that we can Spend.

This syncs nicely with traditional bank accounts and enables hands-on interactive management of money.  Real money, real choices, real transactions, real consequences.

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